P3 Leadership Workshop-8

From 2014-2018, 107 scholarship recipients were selected from over 1,231 applicants across Indonesia for their high academic performance, professional experience, and dedication to improving the lives of others in Indonesia. Special consideration was given to promising individuals from disadvantaged and under-represented geographical areas in Indonesia. Over 40 percent of all degree and training program participants have come from islands other than Java, and nearly half are women.

Scholarship recipients pursue Master’s degrees in the fields of Economics, Education, Environment, Democratic and Human Rights, and Health. All of these educational opportunities are in the U.S. In addition to graduate degrees, participants receive supplemental training in areas such as English language proficiency and leadership development. Opportunities such as conferences are provided to the scholars to expand their professional networks and demonstrate their leadership abilities and knowledge. In these ways, PRESTASI expands a scholarship into a program that contributes to the holistic education of each scholar and equips scholars with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to contribute to the continuing development of Indonesia.

Program Duration

  • September 2014- August 2019

Type of Training

  • Long-term Training (LTT)
  • Short-term Training (STT)


  • To provide training and technical services required to strengthen and expand the base of skilled, high-performing professionals and institutions in Indonesia’s public and private sector.
  • To improve the performance and leadership skills of Indonesian professionals, which, in turn will help to promote development in the country. 
  • To train a new generation of Indonesian public and private sector leaders in priority skills and areas including economics, health, environment, management, and leadership.

For more information about PRESTASI, as well as other USAID Participant Training programs at IIE, contact David Simpson, USAID Participant Training Lead, at DSimpson@iie.org.

P3 Leadership Workshop-Journey