USAID Programs

USAID Programs

IIE leverages the power of international education to support USAID’s work in advancing U.S. national security and economic prosperity, demonstrating American generosity, and promoting a path to self-reliance and resilience for its partners.  Over the past 35 years, IIE has effectively implemented over 100 USAID projects valued at more than $500 million in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Eurasia, and Latin America and the Caribbean.


IIE is an experienced and trusted USAID partner with over three decades experience managing USAID programs worldwide.   


IIE’s technical experts and experience ensure programs are designed and implemented with partners self-reliance as a key component.  IIE’s areas of expertise include scholarship and fellowship management, workforce development, university partnerships and research, and capacity building.


IIE uses evaluation methods throughout the life of a program to collaborate, learn, and adapt to build local capacity to support sustainability.