IIE Expertise in USAID Programming

USAID JAPRI Persons with Disabilities- Seed Funding

Scholarship & Fellowship Management

IIE’s scholarship and fellowship management expertise and systems are unmatched due to its experience implementing large and small-scale in-country, third country, and U.S.-based programs. With local partners, IIE provides USAID Missions worldwide with input into the design, implementation, and evaluation of a range of scholarship and fellowship activities

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Workforce Development

IIE works with diverse partners to create customized global workforce development programs aimed at providing youth with work, training, and education opportunities across a variety of fields. Its approach to workforce development programming is based on aligning labor and market needs, building local partnerships, serving marginalized communities, and moving beyond traditional training programs. 

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University Partnerships

IIE works closely with public and private higher education institutions worldwide to cultivate global engagement by creating international programs, building partnerships, and expanding their worldwide reach and effectiveness. 

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Local Capacity Building

IIE works with local partners globally to build upon indigenous expertise and expand organizational capacity to effectively manage large-scale projects. IIE's approach to local capacity building is built on the pillars of assessing local needs first, focusing on adaptive learning, taking a collaborative and context-specific approach to program design and implementation, and planning for sustainability. 

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