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Centroamérica Adelante

About Centroamérica Adelante

Centroamérica Adelante (CAA) is a prestigious and innovative leadership development program created in 2015 to support high impact leaders that drive change in Central America. After a period of evaluation and redefining of priorities, the Seattle International Foundation (SIF), is launching the third edition of Centroamérica Adelante in collaboration with the Institute of International Education (IIE) and a new partner in the region, Cristosal.

Centroamérica Adelante offers civil society leaders working in the different drivers of forced migration in the Northern Triangle of Central America a 10-month, highly interactive training program, focusing on personal growth, skills development and the construction of social capital. The program is designed to facilitate and motivate civil society participants to actively work with others, through sectors and organizations, as well as in their own teams and movements, to positively impact people affected by the drivers of forced migration.


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Our Fellows

  • Cohort 1 2015 - 2016 was of 88 fellows
  • Cohort 2 2016 - 2017 was of 88 fellows
  • 2019-2020 Cohort to Come Soon
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Cristosal, an organization that specializes in the defense of human rights, is the regional partner for the Centroamérica Adelante program, sponsored by the Seattle International Foundation and implemented by the Institute of International Education.

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Seattle International Foundation

The Centroamérica Adelante program is sponsored by the Seattle International Foundation as part of its strategy to combat the drivers of forced migration in the Northern Triangle of Central America.

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