Please check back regularly for updates on future application cycles.

Faculty of accredited public or private higher education institutions in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda apply to the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (CADFP) by using the online project request.

Request to Apply

Eligible types of project activities that can be requested by the African host institution are:

  • curriculum co-development,
  • research collaboration and
  • graduate student mentoring and training.

A Project can be conducted in the African host country between 21 and 90 days, with one visit by an African-born scholar who lives in the United States or Canada and works in an accredited college or university in either of those two countries. See the program description for information on the purpose, benefits, fellowship allowances and cost sharing from the African host institution.

Please email with questions.

A Microsoft Word version of the Project Request guidelines is available to prepare a working draft of the project request if needed.

Project Request Guidelines - Word (533 KB, DOC)
Project Request Guidelines (472 KB, PDF)

Log in and complete the online project request to submit it to the Institute of International Education (IIE) for funding consideration

See the Review Criteria and the How To Apply for African-born Scholars links on the left of this webpage for more information.

Types of Fellowships