Applicants may submit projects through the Rolex Awards for Enterprise website. There is a two-phase application process: a pre-application, which can be submitted by any eligible candidate, followed by a full application to be submitted by some candidates, upon invitation only.

The pre-application process allows interested, eligible individuals to succinctly present themselves and their project ideas without having to prepare full applications. Only pre-applications whose projects are chosen by Rolex for further consideration will be invited to submit full applications.

Pre-applicants will have three weeks from the time they create their user account on the application website to submit their pre-applications. The final deadline for submission is June 30, 2017.

In order to be considered, pre-applications as well as full applications must be:

  • in English,
  • complete, with all sections filled in,
  • signed,
  • and submitted by the deadline indicated at the time of applying.

Candidates may submit additional material if they are invited to submit a full application. No supplementary information will be accepted after receipt of the project, except if specifically requested.

No application materials will be returned to the applicants after the close of the Awards.

Visit Rolex Awards for Enterprise to apply