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Graduate Learning Overseas (GLO)

Boren Fellow conducting research in Kenya - 2012

    The Graduate Learning Overseas (GLO) project is a three-year initiative focused on U.S. graduate student mobility. IIE is invested in collecting comprehensive study abroad data - including data on graduate learning overseas - so that higher education stakeholders can best serve students at all levels.

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    Before launching the GLO project, we knew:

    Graduate Learning Overseas (GLO) - what we knew before launching GLO research


    Building on this knowledge, the GLO project aims to:

    • Identify the scale and scope of U.S. graduate students' educational activities overseas
    • Understand and help institutions better collect and leverage graduate student mobility data

    Navigate through these pages to learn more about GLO, explore data findings, discover new resources, and read our comprehensive report.

    The GLO initiative is supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of International and Foreign Language Education.