Research on graduate-level study abroad

International educational experiences develop key skills related to global citizenship, intercultural communication, and language competency. Yet through longstanding data collection efforts, we also know the full scale and scope of U.S. graduate experiences abroad are underreported. As both U.S. graduate school enrollments and study abroad participation continue to rise, IIE is invested in collecting comprehensive data – including data on graduate learning overseas – so that higher education stakeholders can best serve students at all levels.

IIE conducted an extensive literature review before undertaking the GLO Survey. A highlight of graduate-level and discipline-specific research is available for download:

GLO Literature Review

The GLO project

The Graduate Learning Overseas (GLO) research project seeks to:

  • Provide comprehensive, reliable, and publicly available data that are critical resources for postsecondary institutions seeking to better support graduate student education
  • Identify and establish best practices in data collection that are critical to expanding what is known about the study abroad experience
  • Augment the body of knowledge about study abroad connections between the U.S. and other countries, and the impacts on students' home campuses and communities

The project is divided into three phases:

About GLO - three phases of the GLO research project

Read the comprehensive report here

The GLO Survey

In 2018, IIE conducted a national survey of U.S. higher education institutions, collecting data on the 2016/17 academic year. The following research questions guided the survey design:

About GLO - Three phases of the project