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Gain special access to IIE’s international education experts and connect with more than 10,000 professionals at 1,500 higher education institutions and organizations around the world, who are working to internationalize campuses and build international partnerships. Engage more.

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Contribute to discussions with IIE's experts, international education leaders, and fellow IIENetwork members to stay updated on critical topics and to share experiences as current events continue to impact international education. Engage More.

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Connect with IIE’s international education experts around the world who cultivate strong local networks of education institutions, public agencies, foundations, corporations, and organizations to implement initiatives driven by local and regional needs and the goals of our programs’ sponsors. Engage more.

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Build your Recruitment Strategy with IIE Research and Insights

Use IIE’s data analysis and expert insights to inform your international student outreach and recruitment strategy. IIE’s researchers prepare customized data reports and analysis on international student mobility by geography, institution type, and target market profile. IIE’s outreach experts present qualitative insights on the local education landscape and effective methodologies to attract talented, globally mobile students from around the world. Explore more.

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Leverage IIE’s strong global presence and expertise in tailored local outreach and recruitment to reach your international student enrollment goals.  We will work with you to develop and implement a customized plan that advances your brand recognition in target markets, facilitate connections with key stakeholders, reach target audiences worldwide, attract talented students, and cultivate strong applicants to prestigious international scholarship and academic programs. Learn more.

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IIE is designated by the U.S. Department of State as a sponsorship organization for their BridgeUSA cultural exchange programs, which allow international visitors to travel to the United States to engage in research collaborations or post-secondary academic programs, teach in K-12 classrooms, share specialized skills, or receive hands-on training in a specific professional field. IIE guides participants and host organizations through the sponsorship process, providing timely service and easing the administrative burdens of hosting a participant by taking responsibility for the most time-consuming aspects. Explore more.

Promote IIE-managed Scholarships to Your International Students and Prospects

IIE implements many of the world’s most effective and prestigious scholarship programs sponsored by the U.S. government, corporations, foundations, and foreign governments that advance access to international higher education for students worldwide. Browse Scholarship Programs for international students at your campus.

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Access IIE’s resources for institutions and organizations to reach your goals to increase and diversify U.S. students studying abroad.  Mobilizing young people to develop personal, academic, and professional competencies from an international experience is needed for today’s interconnected world. Access Study Abroad Resources.

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IIE implements many of the world’s most effective and prestigious scholarship programs sponsored by the U.S. government, corporations, foundations, and foreign governments that advance access to study abroad. Browse Study Abroad Scholarship Programs.

Establish International Partnerships for Academic Exchange and Research

Build International Partnerships

Join IIE in creating cross-border connections between higher education institutions, faculty and students to cultivate research collaboration, foster diplomacy, build capacity and exchange ideas. IIE customizes programs, international delegations, and partnership trainings to equip higher education administrators with the knowledge and skills to build a sustainable, dynamic, strategic partnership portfolio for their institutions. Learn more

Promote IIE-managed Fellowship Opportunities for Faculty and Scholars

IIE works with higher education institutions around the globe to connect faculty and scholars with opportunities abroad where they conduct research, share their skills and knowledge and increase mutual understanding and peaceful relations. Browse Scholarship Programs.