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A Different Experience: Supporting First Generation College Students in Education Abroad


Studying abroad was never something I planned on doing. I knew such a thing existed, but to me it existed in a realm of things I didn’t perceive as meant for me. I was a first generation college student.

A Glimpse into Rebuilding Higher Education in Iraq


Since 2003, hundreds of Iraqi scholars have been killed, targeted specifically because they were academics. Thousands were threatened and forced to flee the country. IIE launched the Iraq Scholar Rescue Project in response to these threats against the intellectual capital of Iraq. It was a large-scale academic emergency and IIE-SRF met the challenge in a major way.

A Man Called John


Dr. Allan E. Goodman, President and CEO of IIE, shares his thoughts on the life and times of the late Senator John McCain.

A MOOC Article a Day: Three Themes To Watch


MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – have generated some interesting practical and philosophical questions in higher education. MOOCs have the capacity to reshape the higher education landscape in the 21st century and as a result, three major themes have emerged: onetizing MOOCs, Accreditation and Pedagogy for the 21st Century.

A New Era of Educational Exchange Between Europe and the United States


An IIE Delegation Participated in the Academic Cooperation Association’s Strategic Summit in October Educational exchange between Europe and the United States has been a hallmark of higher education for years. Scenes of exchange students exploring ancient ruins and enjoying local cuisine are still part of the American imagination of the college experience. Likewise, European scholars […]

A New Open Doors for a New World


The Institute of International Education has been collecting and disseminating comprehensive and reliable data on international academic mobility since the Institute was founded in 1919. For nearly 70 years IIE has been publishing this information annually as the Open Doors® Report on International Educational Exchange.

A Passage to India


As E. M. Forster illustrates in the novel with the same title as this blog, India is full of contradictions. You cannot help but notice and hear how big the country is becoming.

A Rare & Critical Moment


Making the case for increasing international student enrollment in United States higher education As we prepare for the first full academic year since the end of the pandemic, consider this a rare and critical opportunity. Now is the time to collectively reassert the value of gaining an education in the United States and to mobilize […]

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