ESF COVID-19 Response

IIE Emergency Student Fund to Assist International Students on U.S. Campuses impacted by COVID-19

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The IIE Emergency Student Fund (ESF) is issuing a call for IIENetwork Member institutions in the United States to nominate international students who are not able to return to their home countries over the summer break due to the COVID-19 pandemic for an ESF award.The ESF: COVID-19 Response will provide grants of $2,500 to selected students who demonstrate a high financial need to cover their living expenses through summer 2020. 

U.S. IIENetwork Member institutions are invited to nominate up to five students for whom help is needed to pay for living expenses over the summer as well as health-related expenses. Students must be nominated by an international student advisor or other campus official. Please designate one nominator per campus who will complete the ESF: COVID-19 Response nomination form. IIE acknowledges that supporting international students during crises requires multiple stakeholders and expects nominating institutions to help address the students' urgent financial needs through any means possible (e.g. tuition waivers, scholarships, assistantships, housing and other direct resources). Please confirm additional institutional support prior to submitting your nomination. 

Deadline: Sunday, April 26, 2020, 11:59pm EST. Decisions will be sent to students, copying nominators in mid-May. Please note, while nominators will be copied on the nomination emails, payments will be made directly to students.

Nomination forms can be accessed here.


To be considered for an ESF: COVID-19 Response award, nominated students must:

  • Be studying at an IIENetwork Member institution in the U.S. To confirm your IIENetwork Member status, please contact
  • Demonstrate to campus officials that they won’t be able to return to their home country over the summer;
  • Demonstrate that their financial ability to pay for their summer living expenses (excluding any tuition balances) has been seriously disrupted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Be enrolled for the fall 2020 semester;
  • Have the appropriate non-immigration visa status (only F-1 and J-1 visa holders are eligible for an ESF award)

U.S. host campuses nominating students for the ESF: COVID-19 Response are expected to provide emergency assistance to nominated students through tuition waivers, scholarships, housing or other direct support. Please secure additional institutional support prior to submitting your nomination.

Nomination Instructions

U.S. campuses that are IIENetwork Member institutions are invited to nominate up to five of their international students for whom help is needed the most to cover their living expenses for the summer. Nominations must be completed and submitted online. The nomination form can be accessed here. For questions, please email

If nominating several students, please rank students based on financial need, with "1" being the highest and "5" being the lowest level of need. Please take the time to describe each student’s financial and personal situation individually. The more detailed and personalized information the selection committee has access to, the better are the chances for students to receive an ESF award.

The grant nominations must be submitted to IIE online by 11:59PM EDT on Sunday, April 26, 2020. Awards will be announced in mid-May. 


We know the need will exceed the funding currently available in the IIE Emergency Student Fund. Contributions of any amount are welcome. To make a gift and help support more students, please visit our giving page. Thank you! 


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