Emergency Student Fund

IIE's Emergency Student Fund (ESF) provides grants to international college students in the U.S. when natural disasters, war, or other crises threaten their education. Many face financial pressure to return home or drop out because their family circumstances have changed dramatically. IIE helps these students cover essential needs, including basic living expenses.

We are a critical resource for students in crisis when they have no other safety net. From 2010 through 2020, IIE awarded 1,800 ESF grants, providing over $5 million in critical financial support to students from around the world. In 2020 alone, IIE awarded 980 grants - including 872 grants to international students impacted by the global pandemic. In 2021, IIE has so far awarded 154 ESF grants to international students impacted by the global pandemic. Given the current crisis in India, IIE is proud to announce support for 49 additional students from India, bringing the total number of supported students to 203.

At this time, the ESF application is not open. Should another call for applications become available, IIE will make that announcement through our communication channels.

The Institute always welcomes additional contributions for the Emergency Student Fund so it can respond quickly to help international students when disasters and emergencies in their home countries threaten to jeopardize the completion of their studies. We thank you for your interest in supporting students in times of crisis, and appreciate your donation.


Emergency Grants

In response to specific emergencies, IIE will issue a call for nominations to the Emergency Student Fund. Emergency grants are awarded to post-secondary international students matriculated at accredited educational institutions outside their home countries whose sources of support have been impacted by natural disaster or other crises.

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Nomination Process

Students must be nominated by their U.S. host institutions and are expected to provide additional emergency assistance such as housing, meal plans or tuition waivers. The combined help of IIE and the U.S. host institution enables students who are facing the risk of dropping out of their degree program prematurely to continue their studies. The Emergency Student Fund may also provide urgently-needed medical care to students facing serious illness or disability.

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Donations Welcomed

Building on a Freeman Foundation designation of $2.5 million for emergencies involving students from East and Southeast Asia studying in the U.S., IIE is issuing a request to donors around the world to support this fund for other world areas. Since 2010, IIE has awarded more than 800 emergency grants to students from the Bahamas, Haiti, Iran, Japan, Libya, Nepal, the Philippines, Syria, Thailand, Yemen, the Caribbean Nations, and Venezuela,  whose home sources of financial support were impacted by crisis or natural disaster providing over $3 million in financial aid.

The Institute seeks to have a fund in place so that IIE can respond quickly to help students when disasters and emergencies arise. To support IIE's Emergency Student Fund, please make a donation now and designate your gift by entering "ESF" in the gift designation field.

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