Application Process:

  1. Review the Freeman-ASIA eligibility requirements.
  2. Identify a Study Abroad Program in East or Southeast Asia that qualifies for a Freeman-ASIA Award. Please note, the program must be approved by you home institution.
  3. Contact the Study Abroad Adviser who will certify the programmatic and academic portions of your Freeman-ASIA application. You must ensure that you are requesting certification from the appropriate individual on campus; in most cases, this will be your campus Study Abroad Adviser. In general, faculty or other staff members who are not serving as an adviser for your study abroad program would not be the appropriate person to certify your application. This individual must be familiar with the study abroad program, and must be able to confirm that you (and your program) meet the eligibility requirements.
  4. Contact the Financial Aid Adviser who will certify your financial need to study abroad. You must have a FAFSA on file for your Financial Aid Adviser to complete the certification.
  5. Follow up with your Study Abroad and Financial Aid Advisers to ensure they have received their registration email to access your application.
  6. Submit your application by the student deadline.
  7. Check with their Study Abroad and Financial Aid Advisers to ensure that their certifications have been submitted by the adviser deadline.
  8. If your Financial Aid and Study Abroad Advisers are the same person, they must register with two separate emails; they cannot use the same email to access both the financial and study abroad program certification sections of the student application.

Completing the Freeman-ASIA Application

To be considered for an award, all applicants must submit an application via Embark. When you register your Embark account, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Please read the Embark application instructions carefully as you navigate the application. In addition, please be aware of the following details and requirements:

  1. You must complete the pre-screening page of the application before proceeding with the rest of the application.
  2. In order for your application questions to be displayed correctly, you should complete them in the order in which they appear; do not skip ahead to other sections.
  3. You must formally register your advisers in the "recommenders" portal of the application, after you have input their details in the application itself. Please complete your portion of the application before you register your advisers, otherwise they will receive notification to review your application before it is complete, and will not be able to certify your application. Note, however, that you do not need to submit your application for them to certify it, but you must have input all the necessary information and saved it in your application.
  4. We do not request or accept academic recommendations. Please do not register additional recommenders. Only register your Study Abroad and Financial Aid Advisers.
  5. You are required to upload in PDF form an unofficial transcript from your current institution, as well as unofficial transcripts from any prior institutions you have attended since high school.
  6. No hard copy materials are required as part of the Freeman-ASIA application; the application is completed entirely online.