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Higher Education Institution (HEI): An entity established or recognized by the federal or a state/territory government to issue qualifications in the higher education sector. It may be a university, self-accrediting institution or non-self-accrediting institution. These institutions must be in the National Register of Higher Education Providers.

Public HEI: HEIs that have the majority of their funding provided by the government (state and/or federal) for domestic student places.

Private HEI: HEIs that have the majority of their funding sourced from the non-government sector for domestic student places.

Inbound Student: A student on a student visa studying in Australia with an institution registered to deliver courses to such students. Students from New Zealand are not included in the student enrollment counts as they do not require a student visa.

Foreign Student: Australia does not differentiate between international and foreign students.

Outbound Student: Any student (including international students) enrolled in a campus in Australia who leaves the country for the purposes of study for an unspecified period. Also included is any Australian permanent resident who is enrolled in a full-degree in another country. Australia depends on UNESCO for a count of these students. Therefore, by UNESCO definitions, these students are studying abroad for two years or more.