Partner: Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) was formed with the view of promoting university activities, especially by way of sharing information and co-operation in the field of education, culture, sports and allied areas. As its tertiary level education places expand, India is becoming a regional host country as well as a leading sending country. India has one of the world's largest higher education systems, in 2015, there are 757 universities and 38,056 colleges. The Indian government has enacted policies encouraging and helping more international students from developing countries to study in India. There were over 42,420 international students in India during the 2015/16 academic year. The top five places of origin for in-bound international students in 2015 were Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Sudan, and Nigeria.

Source: All India Survey on Higher Education (2016).

India's definitions conform with Project Atlas definitions. For more information, please view the Project Atlas Glossary.
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​Data Collection and Resources

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) collects international student data in India and in collaboration with the University Grants Commission sets national policies relating to data collection. University handbooks and other AIU Publications are also published every year and are made available to the public. AIU is the official India Project Atlas country partner and the main source for inbound mobility data provided until 2009. For purposes of collection, AIU defines an international/inbound student as a non-Indian national enrolled at Indian higher education institution.

Data for 2010 until the most recent year is supplemented from the Government of India Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) by the All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE) reports.