Partner: Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE)

Spain remains a popular destination among international students from Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish speaking countries around the world.

There were 76,057 international students enrolled in Spain’s higher education institutions in 2014/15. The top five places of origin for international students in Spain were Italy, France, Germany, United States, and Mexico. Accounting for 49 percent of the international student population. The top five destinations for Spanish students during the 2014/15 academic year were Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Poland.


Inbound/International Student: The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports, Spain uses the UNESCO, OECD, and Eurostat (UOE) definition for internationally mobile students prioritizing prior education and usual residence to define internationally mobile students. This encompasses all individuals – regardless of nationality - crossing borders into Spain for educational purposes. 

Foreign Student: Students with a nationality other than Spanish pursuing higher education in Spain regardless of residency status.

Outbound Student: Students enrolled in Spanish higher education institutions who pursue exchange or short-term education abroad. 


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