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As the world’s displaced and refugee populations continue to grow, and the length of displacement is increasingly protracted, millions of young people are being left behind. For so many, education is the path to a brighter future.

Obtaining admission and attending university is nearly impossible for these students due to profound barriers such as lack of official documents, family separation, the absence of safe housing, and limited financial resources, just to name a few.

The IIE Odyssey Scholarship directly addresses these barriers by fully supporting students throughout application, admission, and bachelor’s or master’s programs. With established global networks and experienced advisors, IIE is positioned to help students in a way that no other institution can. 

Education brings hope and opportunity to those at risk of being left behind, and at IIE we know that these students pay it forward in their communities. Please join us as we extend hope and pathways to education to more deserving students!

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