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Today, the undeniable and alarming truth is that there are more threatened and displaced scholars than ever before. And the number is growing. When repressive regimes or extremist groups aim to consolidate power and suppress any form of dissent, scholars are often the first to be targeted. They face censorship, wrongful dismissal, harassment, imprisonment, and worse.

IIE-SRF offers aid to threatened scholars—from any country and any academic discipline—so that they can escape danger, relocate to a safe country, and quickly re-establish themselves as teachers, researchers, writers, and intellectuals. We give them fellowships, place them at host universities, and provide them with essential support before, during, and after their fellowship.

With your help, IIE-SRF can save more lives and voices. Together, we help protect each scholar’s innovative ideas and rich body of work. Sharing this valuable knowledge with colleagues, students, and the world can contribute to a better future for all of us.

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