Agricultural economist Ahmad Sadiddin was a successful researcher in Damascus, Syria when conflict erupted. Caught between government and opposition threats, Dr. Sadiddin was forced to flee.

Photo: Scholar Rescue Fund Fellow

With support from IIE Scholar Rescue Fund, Dr. Sadiddin safely left Syria and secured a fellowship to work at a university in Italy. His research on food fraud in Italy and on the agricultural effects of climate change in the Middle East has had a profound impact on both his home and host countries. Dr. Sadiddin is also working to connect other Syrian academics with IIE, joining our worldwide effort to help ensure that bright minds don’t become a casualty of war.


The IIE Scholar Rescue Fund saves the lives, voices, and ideas of threatened scholars around the world. For nearly a century, IIE has rescued scholars during periods of national and international strife — from the Bolshevik Revolution and Nazism through Apartheid to the present day. Today, the number of scholars in peril is higher than ever before, and growing.

With your support, IIE can help more scholars like Dr. Sadiddin find safe haven and continue their vital work. We cannot stand by and watch as some of the world’s best and brightest lose their voices, lives, or ability to contribute to the problem-solving of tomorrow. Please help save more scholars in peril and preserve intellectual capital by making your gift to the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund today.

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