Eqbal Dauqan knew she had to leave Yemen—to save her life and her life's work.

Giving Tuesday - Eqbal

She was trapped in her hometown of Taiz when it was pulled into Yemen’s bloody civil war. Bombs fell on schools, mosques, and markets. Snipers targeted innocent civilians. Dr. Dauqan’s family members and students were killed, and her university shut down.

Before the war, Dr. Dauqan was a leading biochemist and a dedicated professor. She was named a top woman scientist in the developing world. She gave Yemeni girls an important role model in science. 

#SaveAScholarWith support from the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund, Dr. Dauqan found a way out of Yemen and relocated to a university in Malaysia. She now lives in safety and continues her research, sharing invaluable knowledge with the next generation of promising biochemists.

IIE-SRF has helped rescue 737 scholars from 58 countries. When we save a scholar, we save more than a life. We save knowledge, research, and future insights. We save connections to the students, current and future, who will build on the scholar’s work. We save potential solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

But we can’t do it without your help. The need is great. Your gift will save scholars like Dr. Dauqan. Please support IIE-SRF today.

Every time we #SaveAScholar, we illuminate the future. Join us.

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In the photo: Eqbal Dauqan in a lab at a university in Malaysia. Photo credit: Sanjit Das/Panos.

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