IIE at NAFSA 2024

May 28, 2024 May 31, 2024 New Orleans, LA

IIE is looking forward to joining colleagues in New Orleans, LA, during the 2024 NAFSA Annual Conference to network and explore ways to help advance your organization’s internationalization goals.

If you plan to attend the NAFSA Conference, we invite you to:

  • Visit the IIE Booth #600 in the Expo Hall
  • Attend Our Sessions

Looking to learn more about IIE and our work?

Workshop: Supporting International Students with Disabilities: Building Model Practices

Tuesday, May 28, 12:00p.m. – 2:00p.m. CT

This workshop provides research and resources for practitioners who support international students with disabilities. Attendees learn about model practices for inclusive support, campus collaboration, and advocacy.

  • Leah Mason, Deputy Director of Research, Evaluation and Learning, IIE
  • Laurie Laird, Program Manager, Mobility International USA
  • Cory Owen, Associate Dean of Students, Yale-NUS College

Exploring Global Mobility and the United States as a Premier Destination

Wednesday, May 29, 1:00p.m. – 1:50p.m. CT

Join this session to identify opportunities and policies that promote international educational exchange and support the United States as the world’s leading higher education destination. Review trends in international student movement, efforts to increase mobility to the United States, and how the United States is differentiating itself from competitors.

  • Chair – Ivor M. Emmanuel, Director, Berkeley International Office, University Of California, Berkeley
  • Allan E. Goodman, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of International Education
  • Rohit Sharma, SVP, Global Higher Education & Workskills, Educational Testing Service
  • Pinki Thakker, Acting Global Education Team Leader, U.S. Department Of Commerce

Transatlantic Perspectives on the Economic Impact of International Students

Wednesday, May 29, 2:30p.m. – 3:20p.m. CT

Organizational leaders from Finland, France, Italy, and U.S. provide comparative perspectives on the economic impact of international students on host countries. This session will highlight the economic as well as the educational and cultural contributions of international students and the lasting effect and benefit on host countries.

  • Chair: Allan E. Goodman, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of International Education
  • Maija Airas, Head of Unit, EDUFI, Finnish National Agency for Education
  • Judith Azema, Communications Director, Campus France
  • Francesco Profumo, President, Uni-Italia

Navigating Middle Eastern Markets, Recruitment, and Partnerships

Wednesday, May 29, 2:30p.m. – 3:20p.m. CT

Amid the dynamic currents of change in this field, join an exploration of strategies to harness student mobility trends in the growing educational landscape in the Middle East. Discover how colleges and universities can forge successful partnerships, recruit international students from the region, and foster enriching academic experiences.

  • Leah Mason, Deputy Director of Research, Evaluation and Learning, Institute of International Education
  • Karen Marie Bauer, Regional Educational Director for the Middle East and Central Asia, EducationUSA/IIE/Dept. Of State
  • Martin A. Bennett, Director, Global Recruitment and Partnerships, University of Nevada – Las Vegas
  • Dalia Wardany, Director, International Recruitment and Marketing, Foothill – De Anza Colleges

Building the Passport-to-Study-Abroad Pipeline

Thursday, May 30, 9:30a.m. – 10:20a.m. CT

U.S. passport funding and application support can be a powerful method to include historically underrepresented students in study abroad. Recipients of the American Passport Project award from the Institute of International Education (IIE) share their approaches and successful practices for developing a comprehensive passport-to-study-abroad strategy for students who are eligible for Pell Grants.

  • Chair: Ashley Stipek, Network Engagement Strategist, IIE
  • Nancy Alexander, Executive Director of Grants Administration, Oklahoma City Community College
  • Todd Karr, Director of Education Abroad, University of New Mexico Global Education Office
  • Judy Moore, Associate Director – Study Abroad, The University of Texas at El Paso

English-Language Programs: Data-Driven Decisions for Strategic Planning and Recruitment

Thursday, May 30, 1:00p.m. – 1:50p.m. CT

Attendees gain insights into English language programs through the release of Open Doors IEP data, industry-driven reporting, and collaborative efforts with the U.S. Department of Commerce, including a case study in Colombia and Mexico. Presenters provide data-driven insights to assist in strategic planning and recruitment efforts for English language programs.

  • Cheryl Delk-Le Good, Executive Director, English USA
  • Rachel A. Alarid, International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Mirka Martel, Head of Research, Evaluation and Learning, Institute of International Education

Predictions for the Future of Student Mobility

Thursday, May 30, 3:00p.m. – 3:50p.m. CT

This session focuses on the emerging markets that are expected to have the greatest long-term impact on global student mobility. Presenters consider how to use recent trends for foreign enrollment in the United States to help project the most important growth markets for U.S. institutions and schools over the next decade.

  • Mirka Martel, Head of Research, Evaluation and Learning, Institute of International Education
  • Craig Riggs, Editor ICEF Monitor

Leading for the Future: Strategic Considerations for Education Abroad

Friday, May 31, 9:30a.m. – 10:20a.m. CT

This session provides practitioners with strategic considerations for the future of education abroad and insights on expanding and enhancing programs. Panelists discuss the state of education abroad, leveraging capacity-building programs, building programs that meet student needs amid shifting demographics, and balancing budgetary considerations.

  • Mirka Martel, Head of Research, Evaluation and Learning, Institute of International Education
  • Melissa Torres, CEO, The Forum on Education Abroad
  • Bo White, Director of Study Abroad, Baylor University Center for Global Engagement
  • Samantha Jordan, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Become an IIE Member

Through our IIENetwork, we share our extensive knowledge and decades of experience with others who are working to internationalize their campuses and build international partnerships. Becoming a member of our IIENetwork grants you special access to IIE’s membership services and benefits.

Contact: membership@iie.org | Meet at NAFSA: Lindsay Calvert, Ashley Stipek, and Hannah Galatoire

Resource: Harness the Power of International Education with an IIENetwork Membership

Build International Partnerships

Through our Center for International Partnerships, we connect institutions and individuals, lead workshops and trainings, and advance theory and practice. Our flagship program, the International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP) has worked with over 200 higher education institutions in 12+ countries to develop sustainable academic partnerships over more than a decade.

Contact: cip@iie.org | Meet at NAFSA: Sylvia Jons and Cori Crisfield

Launch a Scholarship Program

IIE specializes in the international exchange of people and ideas, managing many of the world’s most prestigious global scholarships. Through a wide variety of educational programs sponsored by the U.S. government, corporations, foundations, and foreign governments, we annually work with thousands of U.S. and international educational institutions and more than 29,000 students, scholars, and professionals around the globe.

Contact: development@iie.org

Research, Evaluation, and Learning

IIE’s leading experts in academic mobility and evaluation conduct timely and relevant research, assessments, and impact studies. The REL Unit provides holistic services to domestic and international governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and corporations to facilitate the collection of more comprehensive and policy-relevant data on international education, and to assess the impact of programs on beneficiaries, communities, and policymaking.

Contact: rel@iie.org | Meet at NAFSA: Mirka Martel and Leah Mason

Crisis Response

IIE’s history of aiding students, scholars, and artists in emergencies goes hand in hand with the history of our organization. The Scholar Rescue Fund® (IIE-SRF), Artist Protection Fund, IIE PEER, and IIE Emergency Student Fund help formalize our unwavering commitment to preserve the lives, voices, and ideas of students and scholars around the globe.

U.S. Exchange Visitor Sponsorship

IIE is honored to be a designated sponsor of the U.S. Department of State’s BridgeUSA Program, providing international students and scholars with the opportunity to enter the U.S. and complete academic exchanges under the J-1 non-immigrant visa.

Contact: jvisasponsorship@iie.org | Meet at NAFSA: Hilary Hartley

Boren Awards for International Study

Boren Awards are an initiative of the Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO). The Boren Awards provide scholarships and fellowships focusing on geographic areas, languages, and fields of study that are critical to U.S. interests and underrepresented in study abroad.

Contact: boren@iie.org | Meet at NAFSA: Michael Saffle


EducationUSA is a U.S. Department of State network of over 430 international student advising centers in 178 countries and territories, which promotes U.S. higher education to students around the world by offering accurate, comprehensive, and current information about opportunities to study at accredited post-secondary institutions in the United States.

Contact: educationusa@iie.org | Meet at NAFSA: Booth 1401

Fulbright Programs

Sponsored by the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and administered by IIE, the flagship Fulbright programs expand perspectives through academic and professional advancement and cross-cultural dialogue.

Learn More: Fulbright at NAFSA | Contact: fulbright@iie.org | Meet at NAFSA: Booth 1401

The Gilman Scholarship Program

The Gilman Scholarship Program, a program of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), is a program that enables high-achieving students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad and receive life-long career development opportunities and connections.

Contact: gilman@iie.org | Meet at NAFSA: Michelle Pickard and Shawna Hurley

The Language Flagship

The Language Flagship provides grants for universities to advance language learning programs in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, and Russian. Each program offers an intensive language and culture curriculum accessible for undergraduates of all majors and backgrounds. Programs culminate in a Capstone year abroad in which students live, work, and study fully immersed in the target language, aiming to reach a superior level of language proficiency.

Sign up for updates and information regarding future open competitions for domestic and overseas Flagship program grants.

Contact: flagship@iie.org | Meet at NAFSA: Michael Saffle

Working at IIE is not just a job; it is a place to build a rewarding career! Learn more about our culture and explore career opportunities with us. Details on our robust benefits package and our recruitment experience are available at IIE Careers.

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