Among our key services, we work closely with sponsors and donors to design, develop and manage programs spanning a number of strategic areas in education, leadership and professional training. Our team specializes in all program components including outreach, both in-person and web-based, screening and selection of applicants, and monitoring and support grantees.

Current programs include:

ExxonMobil Scholarship for Research Program

The ExxonMobil Scholarship for Research Program, administered by IIE Latin America, was created to facilitate the development of thesis research in engineering, science and mathematics (STEM fields).

The scholarship awards USD$2,000 U.S. dollars to outstanding students who are pursuing their final year of studies at UNAM to support the completion of their research projects. In addition, grantees will have the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program with ExxonMobil Mexico professionals, a leadership seminar, workshops led by various academic and professional leaders, a conversation club, and a visit to ExxonMobil’s main campus in Houston, Texas. This program supports the creation of a new generation of Mexican leaders in the fields of mathematics and science.

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Cargill Global Scholars Program

The Cargill Global Scholars Program is currently offered in the following countries: Brazil, China, India, Russia, Indonesia and the United States. IIE Latin America administers the scholarship in Brazil.

The Cargill Global Scholars Program is a distinctive scholarship opportunity that not only provides financial support, but also offers leadership development opportunities through seminars, networking events, and a one-on-one mentoring program.

Scholarships will be awarded to talented, high performing university students who demonstrate exemplary academic achievement and leadership potential and study in a field relevant to Cargill's world of food, agriculture and risk management.

Through this scholarship, Cargill is helping to nourish and build a network of future leaders who can develop new innovations and positively contribute to their communities. This program embodies Cargill's commitment to improving living standards and promoting vibrant and stable communities around the globe.

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Centroamérica Adelante Program

The Centroamérica Adelante Program, launched in 2015, Seattle International Foundation (SIF) has partnered with the Institute of International Education (IIE) to create a prestigious new civil society program to support high-impact leaders driving change in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. This innovative program seeks to develop a professional network of social change leaders throughout Central America, and to support them in leveraging their expertise to attain greater impact in their community and country. All networking-building, and leadership training activities will take place in Central America.

Centroamérica Adelante en Español

Midwifery Education Scholarship and Capacity Building Program

The Institute of International Education (IIE), in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation, developed the Midwifery Training Scholarship and Capacity Building Program with the objective of strengthening the midwifery model in Mexico, where professional midwifery is a growing field requiring continued support and capacity building. Over the past decade, the MacArthur Foundation has galvanized support to improve public policy and health sector practices to advance maternal health throughout Mexico. 
The program aims to support midwifery students with scholarships so that they are able to continue with their course of study and complete their social service practicum. Additionally, through competitive grants, the program will build the institutional academic and administrative capacity of schools and universities offering midwifery courses as well as providing support to position licensed midwives in the health sector. 

 For more information about the program, or how to apply, please visit the program site. (In Spanish)