Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Three interlocking circles with "Action & Accountability; Cultural Competency & Awareness; and Education & Engagement" written inside them.

IIE’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), now and throughout our history, is a critical part of our effort to engage thoughtfully with all of our internal and external constituents around the world, and reaffirms our deep commitment to these principles. We believe that racism and inequality are and have been inherently contradictory to our mission. And while IIE has worked for over a century to build a more peaceful, equitable world, we recognize that there is much work yet to do. We support programs with a universal commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, multiculturalism, and international understanding and cooperation.

In 2020, we made a concerted effort to codify these practices and develop a comprehensive DEI strategy that drives us to be even more intentional and accountable, both internally and externally. This strategy includes three elements – Action & Accountability, Cultural Competency & Awareness, and Education & Engagement — to ensure we focus our efforts and make measurable progress with our DEI initiatives. Within that strategy are specific focus areas that encompass the five domains of Talent, Work, Governance, Opportunity, and Training. This past year, we made important strides executing our strategy while establishing a strong DEI foundation from which we will continue to grow.

Recent Actions:

  • Launched employee affinity groups to provide a platform of support and provide IIE          with feedback to help drive positive change within the organization
  • Hosted virtual roundtables and internal forums on race, racism, bias, and understanding
  • Formalized training to educate team members on creating an inclusive organization
  • Launched DEI recruitment video series

Looking Ahead:

We will further advance our DEI strategy by including DEI as one of the key strategic pillars guiding the organization for the next five years. Upcoming actions include: increasing our U.S. workforce minority population, implementing the DEI recruitment video series and training for hiring managers and candidates, coordinating the National Academy for International Education, introducing a DEI custom training for the IIE Board, delivering the IIE Leadership Academy module on DEI and implementing the Phase 1 Training: “Creating an Inclusive Organization: Part I” Building a Like-Minded Vocabulary.