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IIE in Cairo works to prepare individuals and institutions in the MENA region to become leaders in the globalized world.

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What role does the Cairo office play?

Based in Cairo, IIE/MENA is a leader in providing educational services in the Middle East and Northern Africa region with the goal of preparing individuals and institutions to become leaders in the globalized world. IIE/MENA operates numerous USAID-funded programs as well as the Center for Leadership Excellence which offers programs for professionals to explore the effectiveness of their current leadership approaches. Participants acquire new ways of thinking and acting as leaders and develop networks with others in the region who are dealing with similar challenges.

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What programs does this office manage?

  • Private University Scholarships Program
  • LOTUS Scholarship Program
  • From Camps to Campus
  • LIFT-OFF Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative
  • Discovery Student Leadership Program
  • Youth Enrichment for Leadership Learning and Action Program (YELLA)
  • Egypt Fellowships Program
  • ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program
  • NYU Abu Dhabi
  • The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Global Initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness
  • USAID Egypt MBA Program for Ministry of Health and Population
  • The USAID MENA Peace Scholarships Program
  • Women in Technology (WIT)
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What services are available at this office?

IIE MENA administers scholarship, leadership, and training programs that are designed to enhance specific individual and institutional competencies and build leadership capacity that can create and sustain desired change. Program offerings are diverse and serve a variety of development needs in the region including strengthening educational institutions, engaging youth in enrichment and job creation activities, fostering social and business entrepreneurship, and building the leadership capacity of private and public sector institutions.

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