To take a TOEFL ITP exam:

  1. View the Assessment page for a complete list of TOEFL ITP Certified Centers where the exam may be taken. 
  2. After choosing the center that best fits your needs and your desired exam date, pay the requested fee and complete your registration with the institution of your preference.
  3. Upon completing the exam, the Institution most give you a certified TOEFL ITP score report.
  4. Submit the documentation listed in the following paragraph to the Office of the Secretaría de Educación Pública to begin the process for obtaining CENNI certification.

For more information about the TOEFL IBT

Certificación Nacional de Nivel de Idioma (CENNI) Documentation Requirements: 

  1. Fill out the “Solicitud de Emisión de Certificación Nacional de Nivel de Idioma”.
  2. CURP and/or Birth Certificate (original and copy).
  3. Two recent child size color photographs of front, white background.
  4. TOEFL ITP score report (original and copy)
  5. Official identification, for adults: Passport, Military Card, Professional Card or INE, IFE. For underage applicants: the ID of the parent or guardian or of the person authorized to carry out the process of the CENNI certification.

To contact CENNI enter to next link: http://www.cenni.sep.gob.mx/es/cenni/Contactanos