IIE in Jakarta

Jakarta Office


The Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) works to bridge diversities among countries and cultures to enhance collaboration and mutual understanding through education.

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What role does this office play?

IIE works through the Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) to administer its programs in Indonesia. IIEF is an Indonesian organization which administers higher education scholarship programs for in-country and overseas study, as well as short-term training programs for professionals and scholars. IIEF works closely with the Indonesian Government, in particular the Indonesian Ministry of National Education, to implement a variety of programs aimed at promoting Indonesian education and international exchange. IIE/Indonesia administers the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP), as well as the Indonesian English Language Program.

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What services are available at this office?

Scholarships and Training
There are a number of scholarship programs for Indonesians, sponsored by international donors to study in-country or overseas, where one can obtain a degree or participate in professional research and development.

We offer various certified testing programs for national and international professional standards and proficiencies.

Overseas Administrative Programs
We offer administrative assistance for overseas training programs in Indonesia and free information to learn more about a variety of higher educational opportunities available in the U.S. We also assist in the career development of young Indonesian professionals studying in the U.S.

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What programs are managed by this office?

  • East-West Center (EWC)
  • Indonesian International Education Foundation
  • GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program
  • Indonesia English Language Study Program
  • NYU Abu Dhabi
  • SMBC Global Foundation Scholarship
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